The Invictus reels

The Invictus reels

Einarsson Fly Fishing is proud to present to the fly fishing world a new and unique technical revelation which has the ability to store the fish-generated energy experienced whilst fighting the fish within the reel system. For the first time ever, brake start-up friction is zero.The Einarsson drag system smoothly levels out shockwaves experienced by the brake during both the take and during the fight such as long screaming runs, jumping and head shaking of the fish.

This patented invention – the first significant breakthrough in brake innovation in decades - allows you to experience a more rewarding fishing experience through less snapped leaders and more landed fish. Simply put, Einarsson's new patented SAB (Shock Absorbing Brake) drag system offers you the smoothest brake system you have ever experienced.

All our Invictus reels are engineered and assembled at our factory in Iceland. By monitoring the entire process we uphold our standard of the ‘highest quality’.

The design of the mainframe and spool is sturdy. The Invictus was not supposed to be the lightest reel on the market, it was supposed to be among the strongest.

All Invictus reels are Type III Hard Anodized. The reason is simple; we know that Type III is the ultimate coating for an outdoor product. Unlike the Type II anodizing used on 99% of all reels made, Type III can be applied to an extreme thickness with a bullet hard coating. All our reels are anodized in one of the most advanced anodizing company in Northern Europe. Type III is in accordance with to DS/EN 12373 Class 1.

The Invictus is available in four sizes. A size 6/8 for single handed and switch rods. Size 8/10 for the heavy single handed or the light double. A size 10/12 for light to medium double handed rods. And then there is the big size 12/14 for the heavyweight 14' - 16' double handed.

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